Spamming Blogger hosted blogs is futile

To all you comment spammers who have been inundating my blog with your trivial spam:
Blogger uses rel=nofollow for all links in comment

You receive NO PageRank boost by spamming my blog.


Admin said...

This a Human Spam.
DO have a look at my food blog.. we are a small circle of desi cooks. I hope to link up ur blog..

Actually I had posted a Pakora recipe tody, so came across ur blog while looking for pictures after a friend asked me to post some pictures. cheers. chck my blog here At AnthonysKitchen

Admin said...

And I don't think the comment spammers are spamming to boost their pageranks. As spammers they should know at least that comment won't boost ranks. rather they are doing for exactly what they are meant to do.. Spamming. SOme people do click... and I have even sen people who says thanks fpr visiting to a spam..

Indian Food Rocks said...

Hi Anthony, welcome to IFR! I don't mind genuine link drops to worthwhile sites like your blog. And Mumbai foodie blogs are always welcome!! But when an exclamation point or a period is hyperlnked to a web design shop or a site providing search engine optimization site, esp one that has no clue about SEO, really irks me.

As soon as I set up the extra step of word verification on comments, the comment spam went away. I hadn't noticed that blogger had made that available. We'll see how this works or else I'll just have to switch to another CMS.